Who We Are


Our Story

We aren’t the big guys. We believe you deserve personal attention. We believe you have invested much time and energy into your business and your website deserves the same treatment. It is your biggest form of advertising. We love to listen to your story, research your business (this includes snooping on competitors), and creating a strategy that allows you to get ahead of your competition for good!

Our Goals

We want to provide you with a website that you can manage. A website that your clients say ‘wow’ to. A website that meets today’s mobile ready standards. It is time to go mobile responsive and we can help you get there quickly!

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing a product that clients are happy with. We are committed to working with you until you love your website and you feel empowered to manage and grow it yourself!

Our Designer(s)

Lead designer Jason Hinze has been developing websites in various forms for the last 10 years as a freelance designer. He recently completed The Front End Development Course offered by The Interface School. Jason has a love for Web Design. As the owner and lead designer for The Design Leaf, Jason strives to serve his customers as best as he can. This sometimes calls for collaboration with specialists and other talented designers. The willingness to learn, call on the experience of others, and the humility to collaborate is what sets The Design Leaf apart.

Our Vision

My vision is to build the web better. We love to convert old outdated websites to something modern. We love to rescue clients and businesses from the hands of outdated technologies and detached ‘webmasters’. WordPress allows us to give clients the freedom to develop their websites as they wish! We love to see clients excited about their websites again, or excited for the first time!

About The Leaf

a word from Front End Developer Jason Hinze

Anyone that knows me knows that I love to be outside. I love the fall…the colors, the leaves…so why did I choose a bright green leaf??? I believe that the web is like a tree and there are many, many people who are doing the same things as someone else, just like there are many leaves on a tree that appear similar at first glance.  The advantage goes to the person who does something original and truly stands out. The green symbolizes something new and exciting just like your website should be.

Leaves are original…leaves change, grow, adapt, and when the time comes to fall off the tree guess what happens? A new leaf grows in it’s place. A similar leaf as before, but stronger and bigger. I believe that websites have the same life cycle. They will grow as best they can, they will develop and change with the times, and those that are outdated can be reborn as something new and greater. The recycling of websites through the latest technology is necessary at times and I want to be part of that movement.